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Through Your Window

Lockdown has seen us all become prisoners to our own houses, which is at once both comfortingly safe and ominously dark. We’ve been thrust unwillingly into a time where we are also ‘in the dark’ when it comes to understanding what is precisely going on. However, this time has brought out some of the most hopeful togetherness that we have seen in a long time, providing us with a definite light at the end of this all. Some of us are lucky to be isolating with our loved ones, others are not - but this project hopefully brings together a small representation of what it’s been like for us. 


The pictures aim to bring both the light and dark aspects of this time together. It contrasts the closed nature of isolation, with the open symbolism of a window. A window offers an icon of hope, opportunity and passage. I’ve used it both as a means of protection (for me as the photographer and for the models) but also as a way of understanding what this period of time could mean for us. Whilst it is hard to look past the darkness of Covid19, the time we have spent reassessing our lives and drawing breath could be the window of opportunity that as a world, we all needed. 

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